Black Weekend with Desenio


Black Weekend is around the corner and beside all the great deals and sales I have something special for you guys: Exclusive access to Desenio's Black Weekend offer!
Use my VIP-code BYANNA and you get both early access AND a better offer - an incredible 40% off posters! The code is valid between 21st and 23rd of November (not including handpicked posters or frames).
I picked a few favourites but it was so hard, I can't get over how beautiful their black and white prints are. I really had to force myself to pick something colourful as well, not just monochrome images.

 in collaboration with Desenio


  1. Everything looks great! :)

  2. Wie toll das bei dir aussieht! Gefällt mir richtig gut. :)

    Anika | Echo Of Magic

  3. Thank you for your VIP-code for these wonderful items! I like to apply decorations and interesting items for interior arrangement. Hope that prices of Essay shark are not so high now and I will purchase all items I want. Thank you for sharing!

  4. such a lovely combination and your photography is so good.....
    keep sharing with us such a lovely blog.

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