Hotel Review // Riad Edward Marrakech


During the days in Marrakech we stayed at the Riad Edward, it's located in the city centre of Marrakech. The old city is dominated by small streets where you can get lost easily. The houses have a very closed appearance to the outside, you don't know what's going on inside, even not if there are apartements or maybe offices.
The Riad Edward fits into that city structure perfectly. It's also very unique and compared to huge hotel complexs quite small since they have just 10 rooms. But every little corner is different and also located on different levels. They have a huge roof terraces landscape, which is one of the highest ones in the Medina. You have a great view from there and it's the perfect location to watch the sunsets.

Riad Edward is a perfect escape from the busy streets of Marrakech. We only stayed there for three days but if you'll be in Marrakech for a longer time, the Riad is also a place to spend the day at. Maybe on one of the terraces in the sun, reading a good book and enjoying the view.

We drove with a taxi from the airport to the city wall. Cars can enter not that many streets within the old city. We walked along a quite busy street until we turned off into a very lonely alley. We first thought it's the wrong way but then your are standing in front of a huge wooden door with the golden letters 'Riad Edward' on. As soon as you enter the house from the dirty and busy streets you feel like you're in the most peaceful place on earth. It's so quite and it smells so good. They even have some birds at the courtyard.
When we arrived, our room wasn't ready yet but we got offered coffee or the traditional mint tea and some sweats while seating down and just enjoying the calming atmosphere.

Like I mentioned before, the hotel has 10 rooms and every single one is different. For example, our room was located directly at the courtyard and it was the only one there. You probably couldn't find that many right angles in our room. But everything was so cosy and chic. The rooms are modern with traditional moroccan vibes. Also, we had a lot of space in our room, we hadn't expected that.

Since the hotel is very unique, you also won't find a breakfast buffet there. Of course they have breakfast times but you go where you would like to have breakfast (like the terrace, or in the courtyard, or in your room,...) and the breakfast gets served to you. And it was so good, we had everything we needed, but check the pictures.

Address : 10, Zaouia Sidi Bel Abbes - Bab Taghazout 40 000 Marrakech Médina

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