Update #1


Just a short update, I hate mondays, but I can´t expect the looong weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Here a few impressions of my day:
1. Our coloured caffe tiamo cups from ASA selection, everytime I see them I have to smile :)
2. Today we got the wrong paper, I just thought "wtf, who want to read the frankfurter allgemeine"
3. Learning biology (so blogging is a good break)
4. Our big collection of DD pocket books
5. magazines of my mum, I just like the way she put them in the shelf
6. Äffle und Pferdle: My readers from south germany may know them, they are so crazy, its about a monkey and a horse who talk to each other in swabian, sooo funny. The best joke I ever read about them: Frogts Äffle ds Pferdle: He du, woisch du eigentlich warom d Schwoba schlauer sen als dr Rest dr Welt? Pferdle: Noi, warom? Äffle: Weil se net vom Affa, sondern vom Äffle abstammet!!!
Mir Schwoba liebat halt oifach des Äffle onds Pferdle, des isch ganz klar, dui sin halt oifach scho kult, bsonders denne ihr lägendärer Song, dr Hafer und Bananenblues, kennat r ja mal gschwind nei klicka, also bis denn!

Translation German: Weißt du eigentlich warum die Schwaben schlauer sind als der Rest der Welt? Weil sie nicht vom Affen sondern vom Äffle abstammen!
Translation English: Do you know why the swabians are as smarter as the rest of the world? Because they descend from "Äffle" and not from the monkey

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