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Hello, well....that´s my blog. I was thinking a long time about writing my own blog, and now there I am. I hope I won´t get lost into the net like others. About me, uhm, not much to say, I´m female, young and German. I want to blog about life and fashion, good combination. First thats all I think :)

 A view to sky from yesterday, some clouds are in the light of the sun, some not.
So, let´s start, I bought two wonderful things in sale, I love both, especially the red cardigan, fantastic colour.
 This is the second, I´ll show you soon in some outfit pictures.

Also I did a bread baking course with my granddad and my cousine, it was made by nons of the Franciscans ordan, so it was a mix of bake and pray. But they were very nice. But my granddad was the only man...was a bit funny, he in middle of all the housewifes, you can imagine. But it was his wish to go there. He build a stone oven and he said you´re not able to learn everything by reading a book, so he wanted to make a course, and I think he loved it, for me it was a good experience, and the bread tastes wonderfull...mmmmhmmm.

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