April Weather


Today I went with some Friends to an asian restaurant. You pay something around 12€ and then you can eat as much as you can. It was very nice....especially the Fortune Cookie. My one said You need concentration and peace for your work. Ok, thanks, I  will remember...maybe. After we went to an flew market near the restaurant. There was so many wonderful things, much vintage jewellery and bags, but also stuff nobody needs. Now, the weather was a real april weather. Each 30 minutes it begans to rain. But this within 10 seconds. Also within this time the sun came back. It´s so crazy.

My best friend during it rains like in monsum time. It was horrible, so loud and cold. Later we sat into some massage seats. There it was warm, dry and soft. I wore a comfortable and warm outfit, with my new white sweater.
(sorry for not so high quality, forgot my nikon at home)
 Sweater, jacket-H&M, scarf-strenesse, bag-second hand, jeans-Montego

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